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Thread: Really ! Need-Help-with-Evga-750-Ti-FTW on x79 Extreme 9

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    Default Really ! Need-Help-with-Evga-750-Ti-FTW on x79 Extreme 9

    please view full diskussion @ this time
    Need Help with Evga 750 Ti FTW - EVGA Forums

    If not possible to open the link...
    here is the discription...

    System here is:
    AS Rock x79 Extreme 9
    i7 -3930k 3.20 GHz HexCore CPU
    G.Skill DDR 3 - 1600 Mem. (32 Gig)
    Seasonic Power Sup. 1000 Watt
    Win 7 (64 bit) on a Samsung SSD 830 Series (128 Gig)
    A longer time I had to work with an little older nvidia 620 and last friday i baught the EVGA 750 Ti FTW.
    I removed all graficdrivers & folders before puttin the 750 on board.
    After I put it in, I start the computer & after the Motherbord promt was shown, the comuter reboots it self, over and over again.
    I boot a Linux Live DVD, to see if booting is still possible.
    After this i did the repair funktion of Windows 7... found nothing.
    After this I disabled the boot from CD / DVD and the computer starts into untouchable startpromt.
    No F key ore Del was workin there.
    Thougt the card was broken and changed it in the store I baught it before, to another one...
    braught this home with the same result.
    Last thing I've done was a complete reset of the Motherboard.
    But still the same problem.
    I tried all PCIe ports possible with the same result.
    Win 7 stays untouchable.
    So I put back the 620 and this is still workin normally.
    Any helping ideas ? :(
    Now, after upgrade UEFI to 4.0, it is'nt possible to get Win7 back anymore.
    Not with 620 ore 750 Ti
    I can switch into UEFI to do the settigs, but thats it.
    ...reboot after reboot...
    ...there are no (overclocking) settings made after reset / upgrade
    ...I flashed the uefi once more... same result
    edeting uefi is possible but still did nothing yet
    settings are all on default

    PLEASE ! help if possible

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    Default Re: Really ! Need-Help-with-Evga-750-Ti-FTW on x79 Extreme 9

    Before you changed to BIOS 4.00, what BIOS version did you use? Did you ever use BIOS 3.60?

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    Default Re: Really ! Need-Help-with-Evga-750-Ti-FTW on x79 Extreme 9

    no I did not, should I ?
    can I flash back to lower one ?

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