Hey guys,

i have a little problem.
At my last Motherboard (Asus p8p67 Rev. 3.1), I used an USB Soundcard from my old Creative Tactic 3D Alpha for my Steelseries Siberia V2. I also used my normal Onboard Audio input for my Soundsystem to watch Movies or something like that.
All things run and if i wanted to watch a film i could switch in my Sound Settings from the USB Soundcard to the normal Speaker. It works, no problems.
After my Asus Motherboard was destroyed, i bought an Asrock z77 Extreme6. Now i installed all drivers. No problems with any drivers.
Now i put my headset with the usb soundcard in the usb slot and installed the driver.
The first thing is, when i start two programs, for example Youtube for Music and league of legends (Online Game) and want to hear both at the same time it doesnt work. Either i only Hear one of them or both Sounds do not work.
The second thing is, when One Sound works after 30-60 secounds the Sound is very "scratching". And can only fix it when i change the Sound Settings, but then after 30-60 seconds the same thing.
I thought, ok the Creative Tactic 3D Alpha Usb Soundcard is damaged and i bought for my Siberia VS an Steelseries Siberia USB Soundcard.
Now i installed all driver and tried it. I can hear 2 Sounds at the same time. Ok. Nice....
But then after 1 or 2 minutes started the scratchy Sound.
All works when i put the Heatset Audio and Micro cable in the normal Onboard Sound inputs. There are nor Problems then.
Can someone help me? I dont know what i should do next.

Greez worti