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Thread: asrock b85 m pro 4 buzzing noise when gaming

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    Default asrock b85 m pro 4 buzzing noise when gaming

    when i play a game my computer makes low pitched buzzing noise comming from upper right section of the motherboard

    my system is

    cpu: intel core i5 4460
    mb: asrock b5m pro4
    ram: crucial ballistix tactical 8 gb kit
    ssd: samsung 840 evo 250 gb ssd
    hdd: hgst deskstar nas 7200 rpm
    hdd: seagate baracuda 7200 rpm
    psu: xfx ts550 550 watt
    gpu: ati radeon hd 3870x2

    like i said the buzzing noise only starts when playing games the sound stops when i either shutdown the game or minimize it

    the psu fan the gpu fan and the cpu fan and the other fans are fine

    it deffenitley comes from the upper right section of the mb my pc works fine but he sound is concerning

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    Default Re: asrock b85 m pro 4 buzzing noise when gaming

    First, it can be difficult to locate sounds or noise generated by PC components, particularly if they are higher in frequency. I'm not saying you are wrong about the location of the noise, but it can be difficult to truly locate the source of the noise.

    All sounds are mechanically generated by vibration, although the vibrating part may not be obvious.

    Given your board, the upper right area has the memory slots and memory, the voltage regulator components for the memory, and the 24 pin power connector. Nearby but to the left is the eight pin CPU power connector and some of the CPU voltage regulator components.

    Simple things you can do is check the mother board screws for tightness, and try removing and connecting the 24 pin power cable again. When the cable is removed, check the metal connectors in the cable itself, to see if any have been pushed up out of position, so are not making a good connection with the pins in the board.

    Gaming increases the load and the stress on power generating components. Parts that can vibrate under various loads are usually inductors (the dark grey cubes) and even the capacitors can create sounds. You can't do anything to stop those parts from vibrating besides putting silicone caulk on them, as used in PC power supplies, and even that might not work. The vibrating parts are not faulty or will fail because of the vibration, but the noise is annoying.

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