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Thread: z77 Extreme6 moves USB3 devices to USB2 controller after sleep

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    Default z77 Extreme6 moves USB3 devices to USB2 controller after sleep

    Ok, I've tried everything, Googled till I drop, but no luck. This may be a Win8.1 issue but I've tried updating the USB drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling them but nothing helps.

    Using USBTreeView I can verify that my USB3 peripherals that are plugged into the MB's USB3 ports come up SuperSpeed USB3 mode on the xHCI USB controller (USB3 controller) after a reboot. They work great at SuperSpeed. No issues.

    But after sleep, the USB3 peripherals end up on the USB Enhanced Controller (USB2) and of course run only at High Speed USB2 speeds. In device manager under the Power Management tab for the xHCI controller I tried disabling power management but this made no difference.

    Unplugging the peripherals and replugging them into the USB3 ports does nothing, they enumerate on the Intel 7 Series USB2 Enhanced Controller at USB2 speeds. Only a reboot fixes this and only until the next sleep.

    I tried to attach the USBTreeView screen capture but I can't get it below 190KB and I'm only allowed to post attachments up to 150KB for some reason.

    BTW, if I use the Etron motherboard USB3 controller it works properly before and after sleep. But then I can't use the convenient front panel USB3 slots that occupy a 3.5" bay.

    My guess is the problem is the Microsoft xHCI driver but Intel hasn't released their own driver. Not sure if I can do anything but if anyone has suggestions, fire away!

    Update: I found these two items that tend to make me believe it is a driver issue:
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