I recently upgraded my PC with the above mobo and got it working after a few teething problems. I reinstalled Windows 7 and downloaded all the updates. When I tried to restart the pc from the Windows screen it switched off but would not do a "restart" automatically and the case power led remained on.
I had to power down the main switch and reboot the pc to complete the Windows updates. The PC worked fine for several hours but I found a problem when I tried to shutdown from Windows. The shutdown message appeared and the PC screen went dark, the fans stopped but the power led on the front of the case remained on. It normally goes off but I had to power down at the main switch again. to shut it off completely. since then the pc does not always boot up correctly. It either stalls with the power led on and does to start into BIOS or windows ( I have to power down the mains switch to try again) or it boots up into Windows and works normally. The shutdown problem persists and I can't get the restart button on front of case to work. Nor does "restart" from the Windows screen have any effect.
When I do get the pc running it appears OK but these problems are becoming really annoying.