Thanks for that bit of kindness, parsec. I've been building PC's since early in the era, always dealing with something new. I was changing HD's in really early ones where the controllers were separate boards and drivers needed to be installed and configured for each drive. It took hours to complete that now-simple task sometimes. My computer experience goes back to mainframes in the 1960's (yeah, I'm one of the rare old people who know more than how to do email ) but fortunately I didn't have to deal with the hardware. But IBM JCL (Job Control Language) was nightmare enough. :)

But I'm a newbie on this one, and terribly spoiled by PnP gear these days. It always just works! Or is easy to find information on. So this one had me stumped and a bit humbled. I can see how it would be a very common mistake, though. If the motherboard installation instructions just said to be sure to plug both 12V sources in...

That said, if I'd searched for the answer to that question I'd have found it. The other thread on this forum looked so much like what was happening to me I was sure that was it, so I went off on that tangent for quite a while.

Anyway, this is what a good forum is for, and I really appreciate the help I've had here. I learned from the people helping with the memory diversion as well. So all's well that ends well.