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Thread: question about thermals for x99x

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    Default question about thermals for x99x

    i got a question about what HW monitor you use for this board i have three different ones im trying to figure out which is right I have the Ftuning sw it reports 33c till i exceed it. corsairs link it reports 25c roughly. msi afterburner it reports 18-20c. Ive tried HWmontior no reports from it. Im trying to overclock im not sure which to believe.

    I have the i7-5820K i got it stable to 4.4 easy but since im able to monitor temps very well i took back to stock. I currently have two cores disabled. Don't ask why cause i can lol.

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    Default Re: question about thermals for x99x

    For yet another opinion, try HWiNFO: HWiNFO, HWiNFO32/64 - Download

    I've used this program for years, and IMO it is overall the best PC hardware monitoring program available. I've used it with many different mother boards and all kinds of other hardware. The programmer is constantly updating this program to work with the latest boards, processors, etc, and makes a special point of updating it for accuracy and to accommodate new hardware monitoring chips on mother boards.

    IMO, I would not use Corsair Link as a reference for CPU temperature monitoring. It is known to be difficult to get working correctly, I would only trust it if its readings matched those of HWiNFO.

    F-Tuning is much more likely correct than Corsair Link is, but it seems the rate that F-Tuning updates its readings is slower than other programs, and displays less information than HWiNFO does.

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