About to buy Z97 Extreme 4 LGA 1150 and Intel I7-4790k. What memory would you recommend?

I dont ever anticipate needing more than 16GB. Wont be doing overclocking. (might want to tinker only in the future)

Would Crucial Ballistix 4GB BLS4G3D1609ES2LX0 be a good choice? I am thinking of buying 2 sticks now and later
when I have more money to buy another 2 sticks. This are the low profile 1.35 volt CL=9.

Crucial Ballistix Sport Very Low Profile 4GB Single DDR3-1600 1.35V UDIMM 240-Pin Memory Module BLS4G3D1609ES2LX0 at Amazon.com

Has anybody ever used this? Would you recommend different? Any advice would be appreciated.