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Thread: Z97 extreme6 unable to install windows on xp941

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    Default Re: Z97 extreme6 unable to install windows on xp941

    Quote Originally Posted by parsec View Post
    I forgot to ask about where the flash drive was connected, but I thought that you would know that, given what your were doing and using an XP941. You must use a USB port on the board's IO panel, particularly for a PC that never had an OS installed on it.

    No need to say sorry, you did not waste our time, this thread is extra interesting in my opinion!

    Rod/RamCity, I assumed that since Samsung was selling the XP941 only to PC manufactures, at least at first (correct me if I'm wrong), and the fact that it needs some special care to allow an OS to be installed on it, that Samsung would not sell it at the retail level.

    Then RamCity (in Australia) became the first retailer to offer the XP941 for sale. In the USA, there is one eTailer that has a few XP941s, only the 512GB model right now. In the USA, they are not available from the usual places, while any 840 and 850 series SSDs can be easily found from many places. The XP941 is sold in OEM packaging rather than retail packaging, and does not work with the Samsung Magician software AFAIK. Which is why it seems to be a non-typical retail product.
    Yep, that about sums it up. At first we were only able to get a few samples, and there were almost no systems that supported the XP941 anyway, except for the Sony VAIO Pro 13 and the Mac Pro (with an adapter). Still, it seemed liked an exciting product so we took a risk and sent a sample with an adapter over to Les A bit later ASRock took the lead with their Z97 Extreme 6 motherboard which fully supported the XP941. Reviews from and followed soon after, and the rest is history.

    Although we ship to most places in the world via our website, we found a lot of buyers preferred to buy from the US. So we made a deal with and now you can find the XP941 there as well in 256/512GB capacities. We have more stock of the 128GB models shipping over to Amazon now and they should be available mid next week.

    Quote Originally Posted by parsec View Post
    UEFI booting is still an unusual thing and any information about it is found in bits and pieces in different locations. I've never seen a definitive guide in one place that is 100% complete or accurate. The EightForums guides about UEFI booting are the best I've ever found, and I learned more about it from their guides than any other place. I don't completely agree with a few things they suggest, since my own experience is different on some details. Their guides are kept as general as possible, so they will work with most if not all current PC hardware. I still strongly recommend those guides.

    For example, one way to enable UEFI booting is to enable Secure Boot in the UEFI/BIOS. When Secure Boot is enabled, the UEFI will set CSM to Disabled, required for Secure Boot to work. But I found that just disabling CSM without enabling Secure Boot will trigger UEFI booting. CSM is the switch between Legacy and UEFI booting, not Secure Boot.

    One way you can check if a Windows installation is UEFI booting is to run the Summary screen of a program called HWiNFO64, which will detect and display that information:

    Attachment 7410

    Note in the lower right side of the display, on the Operating System line, you'll see "UEFI Boot" in green text, if the PC has UEFI booted. The BIOS Version line on the left side will show "UEFI" in green text if the board has UEFI firmware instead of BIOS firmware. Having UEFI firmware does not mean a PC is UEFI booting.

    I've considered writing my own UEFI booting guide, but I'd prefer to have experience with more mother boards to make it valuable to more people.
    You've really opened my eyes with your thoughtful and eloquent posts. Myself and our service team thank you, as we're all much the wiser now with the links to additional information you've posted here!

    cheers, Rod

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    Default Re: Z97 extreme6 unable to install windows on xp941

    Well thanks for that, I appreciate it!

    Eloquence is wonderful, and even better when what it relates is true. I'm confident the part you quoted above is correct, from my own experiences both good and bad.

    Thanks for bringing the XP941 to enthusiasts all over the world. Myself and I imagine most others in the USA have nothing against Australia whatsoever, except that it is a bit scary to buy something from so far away! Mainly we imagine high shipping costs and long delivery times. You seem to have covered that issue well, good luck and keep up the good work!

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