Hi forum members of tweaktown.

2 years ago i bought the Z68 Extreme7 Gen3 motherboard because of the displayport output 3way SLI support and great connectivity of the SATA ports. I then tried it with my GTX 580 3gb, didn't work but I got it to work with the onboard graphics. The motherboard unfortunately just became a piece of box on the shelf and I didn't use it. But because of the the great layout of the PCI express ports and display port output and all SATA 3 ports I would be terrielby happy if I got this to work MB to work with three great graphics cards. Right now I use 2x GTX 580 3gb but this might change to 3x GTX Titan 6gb. I will use my computer for GPU rendering with VRAY RT and video editing with Davinci Resolve. I understand that my CPU the 2600k might not be the best one for this MB, might change to a Ivy Bridge 3770k.

Does anyone got this MB to work with 3 way SLI would be very grateful for any tips or PM of custom BIOS

Kind Regards

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Custom BIOS for ASRock Z68 Extreme7 Gen3-img_2221r-jpg