I found this site via the AS Rock website looking for an answer about Memory speeds. I hope you might be able to help.
I'm building an economical micro-ATX pseudo-console gaming PC so I can bring my Steam collection into the living room.
My plan is to base it on the AMD A10-7850K APU, the ASRock FM2A88M EXTREME4+ Motherboard, and 2x4GB of G.Skill Trident X 2400 RAM
However I just noticed that the motherboard specs state the supported RAM speeds of up-to 1866 but I'm sure I've read people are using this motherboard up to 2400.
I've read its possible to enable XMP and Use X-boost but I'm not sure exactly what these functions do.
Can anyone clear this up for me. Can I run this combo at 2400?
I'd be very grateful.