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Thread: No video on boot up

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    Default Re: No video on boot up

    Quote Originally Posted by parsec View Post
    After changing the memory you must clear the CMOS/BIOS.

    Why did I not notice you have a DC processor? What BIOS version is in your board, it's on a sticker on the BIOS chips, lower right hand corner of the board. The CPU support list states version 1.30 for an i5-4690K.

    I did clear the CMOS, but the new RAM still did not work.
    The BIOS is version 1.70, so it should be OK.

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    Default Re: No video on boot up

    Sometimes the BIOS just gets stuck. If you are still wanting to get this board running:
    • Place jumper on BIOS reset.
    • Remove battery for several hours, go and have dinner & coffee or better sleep on it.
    • Replace battery and only then remove jumper.
    • Reboot and set default settings

    Seems strange perhaps, but I recovered many "dead" MB's with this method.

    Good luck.
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    Default Re: No video on boot up

    Short (and countable) beeps are usually related to VGA. RAM errors often produce repeating and endless long beeps. On new boards, however, memory faults tends to no picture and no beep!
    Your good action was stripping the board; It is the best starting point. I recommend also start without the CPU and see what beep comes (if any).

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