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Thread: CPU-Z says ICH7/R but G41C-GS says ICH7

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    Default CPU-Z says ICH7/R but G41C-GS says ICH7

    I'm thinking that CPU-Z is in error. Nowhere in the 1.3 bios version (the most up to date as of 12/19/2014 for my board) does the option for RAID come up.

    As I understand though there may be a boot hot key to access the raid configuration.

    ASRock G41C-GS rev. A3
    Intel Wolfdale E8400 Core2Duo 3.0
    GSkill RAM 2 x 2 Gb 1333 PC3-10700 (4Gb)
    NVIDIA Geforce GT-430 1Gb DDR3
    PSU Corsair CS430 430 watt.
    LG DVD Multi
    Floppy/Cardreader combo

    This little pc is a good transition build, the board has SATA II and PATA IDE, and also has choices for DDR2 or DDR3.

    Anyone know how to access the raid feature on my motherboard?

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    Default Re: CPU-Z says ICH7/R but G41C-GS says ICH7

    Sorry to say, your board does not support RAID. I should say the Intel ICH7 SATA chipset does not support RAID, while the ICH7R does.

    CPU-Z must be wrong, or Intel did not create a different chipset identifier for the ICH7, and the same one is used for the ICH7 and ICH7R. The 'R' suffix is Intel's method of identifying RAID support on their older ICH chipsets, "DO" is another suffix that shows RAID support.

    The hot key access to the Intel RAID utility during POST is activated by holding down the Ctrl key and the 'i' key, also known as Ctrl - I. But since your board does not support RAID, that will not work.

    Several indications can be found on your board's information page that confirm the lack of RAID support:

    The specs list the chipset as the G41 and ICH7. The specs state no RAID support.

    No Intel RAID driver is listed among the download lists for each OS. No RAID manual is included in the manual's listing.

    No RAID option as the SATA mode. That's one of the main things that prevents RAID support of course.

    That's a shame really, the ICH7R and other chips like the ICH10R are great SATA II chipsets.

    I noticed in the specs that it mentions "No support for RAID and Hot Plug functions", and hot plugging should be available with AHCI mode. Do you not have AHCI mode available in the BIOS?

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    Default Re: CPU-Z says ICH7/R but G41C-GS says ICH7

    Yes, there is no AHCI mode...IDE or Enhanced...

    I went through the manual on disk and went to the ASRock website on the G41C-GS and found what you found. Something about the way I came across the southbridge number, with CPU-Z, was that the on-chip identifier was saying ICH7/R, which I didn't believe at first but I wanted to check into it.

    I'm rebooting to try cntrl-I anyway! lol

    Thanks and have a good holiday
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