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Thread: Z97 extreme6 +system freezes during drivers installs

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    Default Z97 extreme6 +system freezes during drivers installs


    im new here and i have a little problem. The only forum i found where to ask some questions regarding asrock. Others were "invite only" forums.... dafuuuq cannot ask asrock because they undercover? Maybe im just looking in wrong place :) but lets start..

    I got a new build:
    i7 4790k
    z97 extreme6
    16gb vengeance pro 2133 (bios settings changed since its 667mhz on default, also ran memtest86+ v5 and all good after 10 passes)
    samsung xp941 (possibly the problem child because i have samsa 850 pro and system was behaving normal, drivers were painless to install, clone option may be still only solution i havent tried that out yet tho) - boot options also set 1. win boot 2. samsa xp941 etc. (850 is disconnected at the moment)
    win 8.1 RTM MSDN download (i can shop WN7-00580 but i assume it wont affect anything just empty's my wallet before christmas!)
    bios 1.6 (latest)
    !drivers on install disk or on homepage wont work!

    Ok windows installs correctly with no problems. INF drivers also. NOW the problems start... I cannot install ME drivers (they hang) cannot install Intel's nor Realtek's LAN drivers, also windows hanging on sata3 driver install NB! every now and then there are some occasions where the drivers ARE installed after restart when install hangs OR when i cancel the driver install and try to re-install it.
    I have literally tried 10 different windows install's, still nothing works. (from RTM to AIO updated releases) Everywhere things freeze. Could it be deffective mobo OR is it the problem with windows itself?
    Only first time, when i was using some non-legit windows i managed to install everything correctly but i doubt i can clone it since i wanna use original install.

    Are these symptoms for bad soft or bad hardware?
    Sidenote, an hour ago (this morning) i started computer, it loaded windows and then freezed. After restart it's been OK since!

    I have been working with computers 15yrs now and never had this kinda problems :/

    EDIT: got the usb drivers installed via repairing

    Hope somebody enlightens me,
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    Default Re: Z97 extreme6 +system freezes during drivers installs

    Are you installing the latest drivers from ASrock website? Try that if you are not. I did the initial install of Windows 8 on mine yesterday and it took forever but all the drivers ended up installing OK. I think most of my issues were due to it being a very old install disk and it had to do a ton of updates, then update to 8.1, then a ton of more other updates. I made sure to make an image before going further so I don't have to go through that process again.

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    Default Re: Z97 extreme6 +system freezes during drivers installs

    Invite only forums... an ASRock invite only forum? Never heard of it.

    Why all the (apparently) odd sources for Windows 8.1? Windows 8.1 RTM?! That's over a year old.

    I've downloaded Windows 8 and 8.1 iso files that I use with OEM activation keys... but that is the problem for you apparently, no activation keys?

    If you have no activation keys for Win 8, and you want free, then download a Windows 10 TP iso. I've done that on two PCs now, including my ASRock Z97 Extreme 6 board system.

    I've had very few problems with drivers and software not working with Win 10 TP. The worst issue is the Intel network driver which won't install, but it fails gracefully, no freezes, etc. Even the ASRock utilities work with Win 10 TP, or at least the ones I actually use.

    I also have Win 8.1 installed on another drive of the ASRock Z97 Extreme 6 board system. While I never used the driver disk, I downloaded everything I needed from the board's download page, or directly from Intel for a couple things. But the INF and IME installers work fine, never had a problem. Never had IRST hang on installation, or anything else I can think of.

    Windows 7 installations require a Windows Update Hotfix for the IME software, which is clearly listed on the files download entry.

    Didn't you possibly answer your own question when you said you think the XP941 may be the problem? As your Samsung 850 Pro installations are fine?

    One possibility, the XP941 can run hot, crazy hot compared to a standard SATA III SSD. Any air flowing across the mother board, or is a video card dumping its heat right onto it? No system details available, so who knows?

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    Default Re: Z97 extreme6 +system freezes during drivers installs

    I have the same issue with this MOBO, Also have Samsung XP941-512GB. I'am using win8.1 ent (from microsoft MSDN) for 6 months(few freezes over this time). Yesterday I have installed A-Tuning and decided to upgrade drivers and... freeze, every boot time, +/- 30 second after desktop appears.
    So i decided to re-install OS, first on samsung HDD 2 TB, to copy my files, then finally to XP941. On both Intel INF's no problem, Intel ME freeze, Intel LAN freeze from exe installer, no problem installing from device manager and giving .inf file.
    I was also unable to install samsung scanner/printer driver.
    I have newest UEFI 1.70, all updates etc.

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