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Thread: X99 Extreme6 - PCIe 3 slot at 16 lanes if slot 1 is covered?

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    Default X99 Extreme6 - PCIe 3 slot at 16 lanes if slot 1 is covered?

    I'm building a new rig using the X99 Extreme6 mb, 5930k, and a Noctua NH-D15 in the Coolermaster HAF case. The cooler is covering the PCIe slot 1 if I use both fans. The ASRock manual says slot 1 is to be used for single graphics card installation with 40 lane CPUs and that slot 3 is 16 lanes in SLI with slot 1.

    I can't believe that Slot 3 won't work unless slot 1 is in use, but don't want to damage anything if I"m wrong. I would like to use slot 3 and the extra fan on my cooler if possible, and if I will still get 16 lanes. (i'm not using M.2)

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Default Re: X99 Extreme6 - PCIe 3 slot at 16 lanes if slot 1 is covered?

    First, you won't damage anything by putting your video card in any of the PCIe x16 slots, including the PCIE5 slot, that appears to be an x8 slot electrically. There is no reason for a video card to be damaged whatsoever when used in any of the x16 slots.

    Next, with 40 PCIe 3.0 lanes provided by your CPU, you won't run out of PCIe 3.0 lanes with your board. It will operate at x16 x16 x8 fine, if the Ultra M.2 slot is not in use.

    While I think your video card will operate at x16 in the PCIE3 slot with PCIE1 empty, the only way to know is to try it. There is zero risk doing that.

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