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Thread: A few suggestions for the ASROCK Software (AXTU etc.)

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    Default A few suggestions for the ASROCK Software (AXTU etc.)

    Suggestions and Feedback on the ASRock Bios and Utility software
    Hello all ASRock users and ASRock Reps!
    Before I start I will point out that I am using an ASRock Extreme4 with an AMD FX 6350 CPU. I do moderate overclocking from time to time and even though I do like some of the features that the software/bios contains, I personally think there is room for improvement.
    Here are a few suggestions and/or feedback from me on the AXTU software, BIOS and other.

    AXTU (ASRock Extreme Tuner Utility):

    • Option to control the polling rate of the monitoring window and/or the fan speed polling rate.
    • An option that allows the user to separate the monitoring (Like the CPU temp. for example) into its own window so it can be easily seen while stress testing. And maybe the possibility of this being added to the fan control too.
    • Profiles that the user can save/delete/edit so that they can set different fan settings.
    • Fan temperature curves so the user can set the fan speed at different temperature.
    • Allow the other PWM fans to have the same " fan speed change after the CPU temp hits #*C " that the CPU fans have or have this functionality for other temperatures inside the system.
    • A function for Automatic BIOS download/flashing and/or updating which could also include a feature for editing the background design of the bios (Because the one on the Extreme4 does not look very appealing in my opinion)

    BIOS: (Note: This may be for only those using the same motherboard as me; Extreme4.

    • Fan plot graphs for creating/modifying fan curves that could also be controlled in the AXTU software.
    • Mouse compatibility/editing because for some reason a few mice that I tested with appear to be inverted in the bios and others the left click and right click did not function. I normally revert to only using keyboard anyway due to the not so pleasant sensitivity.
    • Accurate voltage control for some AMD CPU's; This needs to be worked on as there is some sort of voltage offset on my 6350 it appears when I view the CPU current in other monitoring programs besides AXTU.

    Please feel free to add any suggestions you may have or any feedback thanks!​~NeoReaper
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