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Thread: Asrock H97 Killer Reboot automaticly after shutdown

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    Default Asrock H97 Killer Reboot automaticly after shutdown

    MB: Asrock H97 killer, bios version 1.90 most recent ROM
    NT: Straight Power 450W BeQuiet
    OS: Win 7/64 bit

    In assembling the computer I have already been found (without an OS installed was yet) that the computer turns off properly when you press the power button longer, but after 3-5 seconds, unfortunately on again. At first I thought, that's for sure a BIOS setting and have something to do with it once everything has turned off the UEFI BIOS (ACPI - LAN, USB, .., all power saving features, ..)
    The PWR button, reset button, tested Connection deducted PWR button connector on the PC start up and shut down. The power supply was replaced unfortunately everything has brought nothing.
    Unfortunately, I do not go on !!
    Even if it is only to the mainboard, the power supply, the Ram and the CPU connects it starts after a few seconds, press the power head again.

    Please help!
    Has anyone of you also have this problem.

    Current unsatisfactory solution: Quick after shutdown disconnect the power with a power strip.

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    Default Re: Asrock H97 Killer Reboot automaticly after shutdown

    What are doing is fairly likely to cause a restart, the BIOS thinks there is a problem and is trying to help.

    I have seen this before with several different MB's.

    POST requires the MB to check that minimum equipment is present and recognized, your system is not finding a bootable drive and when you shutdown its looking for a system change to provide one.

    Are getting any system errors or beeps?

    Place a bootable CD in the optical drive or thumb drive in the USB port (and configure BIOS) and I suspect it will shutdown OK.

    Irrespective, try installing an OS, I bet the system will shutdown OK.

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