I just replaced my two GTX 780 sli for a single HIS iCooler R7 260x video card to prep it for my Brother-in-law's multi-1440p monitor setup.

But now my onboard audio is weirded out after installing the 260x, while it was fine with the 780s were in it.

I now get the front panel audio (headphones) is plugged in and set as default.

There is no front panel audio (headphones) plugged in. I even removed the front panel header connector from the motherboard and the front panel audio still says the headphones are connected. The rear audio the speaker are plugged into report as not connected on all tests.

I even enabled the audio and disabled the front panel audio with same results.

I even tried installing the asrock audio driver with same results. I even tried the realtek drivers with same results.

I installed my Sennheiser USB sound card for my headset and it works with my desktop speakers.

The onboard seems to be out, or conflicting with the video card audio or some other device?

Not sure what to do next?

Any advice is welcome.