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Thread: Z97M OC Formula will not boot :sadface:

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    Default Z97M OC Formula will not boot :sadface:

    Specs, for reference:
    i5 4690K
    Z97M OC Formula, BIOS 1.80
    Patriot DDR3 2x8GB (1600 9-9-9)
    ASUS GTX970 x2
    OCS Agility4 512GB
    Seasonic SS-760XP2
    Silverstone Sugo SG10B

    Had issues with fans not spinning, video cards crashing due to (extremely!) tight clearance in this case. Removed 2nd video card and booted just to make sure everything was OK. Booted into BIOS to check for new version, updated from 1.60 to 1.80 via the UEFI "Network Update" option, rebooted with no issues. Changed all my BIOS settings, shut down, inserted the 2nd card, board would not POST. Tried removing all video cards and using built-in video, tried one stick of RAM, no luck. Tried CMOS clear, removing battery overnight, still no boot. Had no issues booting in the months I've owned this, dunno if this is related to new BIOS but it did boot at least once or twice prior to nothing.

    Not sure what the next step is. The board does power on and all fans (but CPU2, curiously) spin, but there's no beep, display output, or any other sign of POST. This happens with/without videocard, one stick of (previously working) RAM in any slot, etc. It could conceivably be board, CPU, or RAM, but without another board to test in I can't be sure. Probably RMA at this point

    Is there a procedure for reflashing an ASRock board that will not post? BIOS image on a USB stick or the like? Don't think there's anything else I can do. Any help appreciated!

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    Default Re: Z97M OC Formula will not boot :sadface:

    If your BIOS is stuck and will not post there is an old solution that often works.

    Put CMOS jumper in place.
    Remove battery (as long as you can tolerate, coffee at least, overnight is best)
    Replace battery.
    Remove jumper and assuming you manage to post - accept default settings. Then, you can gradually change them.

    On initial boot, make sure to give it time plenty of time to learn your new system.

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