Hello this is my first post here. And im 2 day on agony with this MB
1 if memory is not in support list that is problem on Asrock MB? I have Z77 Pro 4 and 4gb 1333Mhz Exelram,CPU is i5 3470S.
2 CPU i5 3470S work but only on BCLK 95. If i put 100(factory) Linx cant pass.
3 Memory refuses to work on A2 B2 slots only on B1 and B2. If PC start on slots A just freez and go off.
4 When PC go off cant boot,just turn on and turn off and hear it 4 long beeps(cant read ram).
5 When that happens, I simply have to take out the CPU from the socket and return it. MB after work.
i have befor this MB z77 Extrem 4 and i love Asrok but this is
some suggestions or