I'm currently in the planning phase for my Z97 rig, due very soon, and the Z97 Extreme9 is a board I'm looking closely at getting.
However, I'm a bit bummed that it didn't include a WLAN adapter - but well, at least there's a mPCIe slot.

So now I've been on the lookout, searching high and low, for a good mPCIe WLAN card *and* some antenna solution for it.
The card isn't that much of a problem, they're readily available everywhere. (Probably looking at getting an Intel Wireless-AC 7260 Rev 2.)
I've been trying to find an adapter (U.FL/IPX to RP-SMA)+cable (x2 since it's a 2x2 MIMO card), 2 antennae, and an I/O shield to get the cables out to mount the antennae.

Is there anyone who's had more luck than me in finding those? Sure, Amazon has got the adapter cables ("2X U.FL Mini PCI to RP-SMA Pigtail Antenna WiFi Cable" for example), but I don't fancy drilling holes in the case I'm using. Nor buying a WLAN card (one where the antennae mounts aren't fixed to the PCB or the shield itself, no less) just to get the I/O shield, that seems like a bit of a waste.

A package with an mPCIe 802.11ac card (optional), 2x adapters+cables, an I/O shield and 2x antennae would be fantastic, haven't been able to find any though.

Hope someone can help me out with this! :)