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Thread: MB problem

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    Angry MB problem

    Hi thnx for taking the time for the English lessons I'm sorry English is not my mother main language anyways I fixed my problem that's why im removeing my question and don't like to upset users many thnx
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    Default Re: MB problem

    1) Put significant details of the product you're asking about in your post title, please. Otherwise, someone who may know the answer might skip over "MB Problem", and lots of people who don't know anything about your Extreme6 X99 will waste their time clicking on your post.

    2) Use proper punctuation in your post for clarity and readability. You do want people to understand what you wrote, don't you? And if it's too hard to parse, the person who has the answer may think it's too hard to read... and not answer. If the period key on your keyboard is broken, at the very least, make it one sentence per line... but running all your sentences together is not an option.

    3) Put your exact config in the post or in your profile. Who made your RAM? Which model number is it? How many DIMMS? How dense is each? What speed is it? Did you buy them as a paired kit, or some number of DIMMS in individual packages? Similarly for the other things in your system: Graphics card, processor details, power supply, any other add-in cards.

    All the above are key points for helping the person who wants to help you be as effective as possible, and will help you get an answer as quickly as possible. If you don't include necessary information, it's wasting both your time, and the time of the people who are (or might but for it being too much a PITA) trying to help you.

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