Trying to overclock a new Xeon e5-2697 v3 in an AsRock X99 WS-E board. I can make some adjustments in the BIOS, like say the multiplier, or even BLCK. But these are not reflected in Windows 8.1 64. Once I boot Windows and CPU-Z report the chip maxing out at 2.9GHz under full load, even though I have it set to 3.6GHz. BLCK is always 100, even when I raise it.

I installed A-Tweak, and when I make adjustments there and hit apply then go to the monitor I see no change. It is as though the changes are not being applied.

I am beginning to wonder if this board can actually overclock Xeons? When I re-enter the BIOS the settings are still there, and it appears overclocked, but once I boot into Windows all seems normal (not overclocked). I have the latest BIOS according to the BIOS based network flash tool.

CPU-Z lists this proc as Model F Stepping 2, Ext Model 3F Revision M0. BIOS is 1.1

Thoughts? Thanks.