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Thank you for your answers. I have another question, ASrock H97 Performance has it's own memory support list as well, does it mean that memory/ram that isn't on the list doesn't work or isn't recommended? shouldn't ram be a basic thing just like any USB device or SATA and work normally?

EDIT: I'm guys really sorry if I mixed you up, check my first post for an explanation.
USB and SATA are well defined and accepted standards that are used in the PC industry. There is no equivalent standard for the memory compatibility of a system's memory controller. Memory compatibility became much more of an issue with DDR3 memory than it did with DDR2.

The memory controllers on Intel processors that use DDR3 memory have requirements that are very specific about the way the memory chips are designed and configured on the DIMM. These memory specs are for Intel 4th Generation Desktop processors like an i5-4690K:

Does ASrock H97 Performance support Asus STRIX 960 GTX?-intel-4th-gen-memory-specs-png

Somewhat complicated, and how many memory manufactures have specs like these available on their websites? Very few.

Not every DDR3 memory model that works with Haswell CPUs and boards will be included in the memory support list, but not every DDR3 memory model that exists will work with Haswell CPUs and boards. So a randomly picked model of DDR3 memory will work by luck if it works with the CPU and board.

Usually it is safe to choose memory that the memory manufactures states is compatible with Haswell CPUs and boards, if it is not on the board's memory support list.