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Thread: 990 Killer Help Please

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    Default 990 Killer Help Please

    Just upgraded from an older X48 to the new Killer 990 and FX8350 8 core @ 4.0

    I also added two Kingston SSD drives.. 120 for the OS and 240 for games and a WD Raptor 300G back-up and storage

    Install went smooth, all was well.

    Installed 190 Windows updates, Java, other files , etc.. Comp ran fine for like 4 hours.

    Out of nowhere my keyboard just stopped with windows tossing a error that it had quit?? HUH ? Really? never seen that in my life.

    Soon after my second SDD refused to show in windows or BIOS...

    Then I noticed my Mem had downclocked to 1333...

    After many trips to the bios, changing mem settings back to 1600 , and countless restarts the mem never stays at 1600. it even showed once at 1123 and the bios option was 1680 then not 1600.

    Sometimes the second SSD would show, most times not.. But it always failed to show after the first restart if it was able to be seen ..

    All during this time of hickups the MSrock utility screen stayed way to long and windows was taking up to 90 seconds to start. At first install it was taking 15 seconds.

    ACHI is set.. Mem is set and reset @ 1600

    At this point I suspect the bios, and it seems their is no update for it.. Or possiably the second non boot SSD

    Any thoughts?

    In the am i am going to pull the sata off everything but SDD 1 and DVDRW and test more.


    Cleared CMOS.. Reinstalled Win7 this morning with one stick Ram. Second SSD unplugged.
    All went fine. Installed mobo drivers, all good.

    Shut down , unplugged PSU and reconnected SSD 2 again. Booted comp and had a fairly fast boot time. Windows showed the SSD2 drive. YEA

    Did a few things online and restarted the comp. LONG boot time again.. Windows does NOT show the added SSD2 drive again. Neighter does the bios now. Mem stayed at 1600

    Getting rather annoyed about now.

    Why does it boot once and show both SSD drives and the Raptor drive just fine, then loose the second SSD drive every time?
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