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Thread: Win 8.1 will not load on Samsung XP941 SSD

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    Default Win 8.1 will not load on Samsung XP941 SSD

    I have a Asrock z97 formula OC motherboard and trying to use the M.2 with a Samsung XP941 SSD which is shown as compatible. Windows 8.1 says it cannot load on disk 0. Check to see if disk controller is enabled.

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    Default Re: Win 8.1 will not load on Samsung XP941 SSD

    Let the questions begin!!!

    Do you have any other drives connected to the board? While you should never have any other drives besides the target OS drive connected to the board when installing Windows, the M.2 slot is shared with the SATA3_4 and SATA3_5 ports. As it states in the manual, "If either one of them is in use, the others will be disabled.".

    The priority of the M.2 slot and the SATA ports can be set in the Storage Configuration screen in the BIOS.

    Can the XP941 be seen in the System Browser tool in the BIOS? Or in the Storage Configuration screen?

    What is the installation media for Windows 8.1? Disk, ISO file on a USB flash drive?

    I'm surprised this board does not have an Ultra M.2 slot, to use the full capability of the PCIe x4 connection the XP941 has.

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    Default Re: Win 8.1 will not load on Samsung XP941 SSD


    My understanding is that the only Asrock board that can use the XP941 as the boot drive is the Z97 Extreme6. This was the first board, world-wide, to incorporate this capability, via its Ultra slot. Other boards (such as yours) are compatible with the XP941, but not for installation of the OS.

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