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Thread: H81M-ITX + k series CPU

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    Default H81M-ITX + k series CPU

    Hi guys

    Just upgraded my CPU. Previously had a G3258 Anniversary that clocked nicely on my H81M-ITX so i (Wrongly it seems) assumed the board could OC all K series CPU's and bought a 4690k.

    Bios overclocking is missing however you seem to be able to access via A-Tune.

    I changed the multi to 45 to try and cpuz reports an allowable range of 8-45 however the multi will not actually go past 39 when running linpack/prime/etc

    Any ideas? Or do i need a new MB?

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    Default Re: H81M-ITX + k series CPU

    Sounds like an honest mistake on your part about over clocking on an H81 chipset board, given your experience with the G3258.

    The G3258 is unique among Intel processors, it is not a 'K' type, so not over clocking capable in the usual sense, and does not support Turbo boost:

    ARK | IntelŪ PentiumŪ Processor G3258 (3M Cache, 3.20 GHz)

    But as you know it can be over clocked by changing the core multiplier, and must have Turbo enabled in order for that to work. No other Intel processor operates in this way, given the specs for the G3258 and the "rules" for over clocking any 2nd generation and beyond Core i processors.

    So Intel broke their own rules (constraints) about modern processor over clocking with the G3258. If someone does not have experience with over clocking the last several generations of Intel processors, your assumption about over clocking other Intel processors on your board is not without merit.

    Once you use other Intel processors besides the G3258, the rules of over clocking Intel processors are in full force. The main problem is the H81 chipset does not support over clocking:

    ARK | IntelŪ H81 Chipset (IntelŪ DH82H81 PCH)

    So H81 chipset boards cannot over clock any other Intel processors, including 'K' models.

    You'll need a 'Z' chipset board, either Z87 or Z97, to over clock your i5-4690K. Also, the Z87 boards will need one of the latest BIOS versions installed before a 4690K will work with them. Some Z97 boards also need a newer BIOS version to work with Devils Canyon processors. Be sure to check the CPU support list of any of these boards to determine what BIOS version is needed for your processor.

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