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Thread: Z87 Overclock question here OK?

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    Default Re: Z87 Overclock question here OK?

    TerryG, a great start on your information! Yes, one image per post unless you use links to pictures on a file upload site.

    The only thing I really want to see now is the HWiNFO Sensor display. That is the lightning bolt icon in the main display. Mainly to see your temperatures, VIDs, etc, so many things to check. Not that I expect problems, just to verify things.

    One thing VERY important thing to know about the Sensor display is, some of the temperature readings will be crazy or scary high values. Those readings are of sensor chip outputs whose inputs are not being used by the mother board. There are very few standards for sensor chip readings and all board manufactures do things differently. All of my boards show at least three completely worthless readings, which can be edited out of the Sensor display. Just an FYI not to get scared if you see some 100C temperature readings, or others that seem crazy high or low. They are readings with random, bad data, and nothing to worry about.

    Before I comment on a couple things, know that I realize you are using the auto-OC settings, which I assume you have not changed. None of this is directed at you, and is really about ASRock.

    VCore voltage mode is Adaptive (fine), but the Adaptive voltage value is 0.020V? Is that really the automatically populated value, 0.020V? I also see in another screen shot an Adaptive voltage value of 0.050V? Those are not offsets, but voltages.

    I see in the HWiNFO display the core voltage (VID) is 1.1820V, which is correct and a reasonable value. Those automatic settings (apparently) are the strangest things I've seen, and aren't what I have seen in my ASRock boards, and I have two Z87 models. Certainly not teaching users anything with weird values like that, assuming they are real. Either some kind of override is occurring, or there is a use of Adaptive voltage settings I don't know about. I set mine to say, 1.200V, and then enter an offset value, either + or -, and other programs show CPU core voltages that match my settings. Really confused by the Adaptive voltage values I see in the screenshots.

    Quote Originally Posted by harleyman View Post
    I didn't look real close, but i would disable Speed Step. And set PCI to 100
    SpeedStep is normally not a problem at the OC level of the OP's CPU, I have the same one and use all the CPU power saving options, including the C7 C State option. No BSODs at all.

    The BCLK is set to 100MHz now, which is shared with the PCI buss.

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    Default Re: Z87 Overclock question here OK? HWiNFO Screenshots

    The 0.020 V is added in adaptive mode. In override mode the value is much higher, like 1.320 V.

    Z87 Overclock question here OK?-sensors-pages-1-5-jpg


    We are losing some image quality on the upload or something. Let me know if image is too hard to see.
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