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Thread: ASRock X99 Extreme6 Build

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    Default ASRock X99 Extreme6 Build


    I'm trying to figure out what kind of components I should buy for my workstation build, and I've tried to ask around on a couple of forums but I've been out of luck getting a proper answer.
    I work with music, as a composer with templates filled to the brim and the huge sample libraries I work with eats RAM for breakfast. That's why I want 128 GB ram.
    Here is what I had in mind:

    Intel Xeon E5-1650 V3, Asus GeForce GTX 660, Corsair 300R - System Build - PCPartPicker

    Would this be a stable build?

    I could change the Extreme6 with Extreme4 if it's more stable and reliable, but I'm no expert on these things. I just need a pc that follows my workflow and can last me quite a while.

    I've seen people with a dual xeon as well,but I think I'm waiting that one out for the moment unless I would benefit from the two processors.
    Any help is more than welcome!

    Thank you! :)

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    Default Re: ASRock X99 Extreme6 Build

    Asking if this build will be "stable" is difficult to answer, since what is the definition of stable? That the build will function normally from the start? Or are the parts all compatible?

    The X99 platform is new and expensive, so not owned by many people. Direct experience with it by PC enthusiasts is still quite limited.

    Are you basing your choices on what is available to you locally? I ask because the price of your PSU choice is much more than it needs to be.

    The Xeon processor cannot be over clocked, if you care about that whatsoever.

    The Crucial memory you chose is not listed on either ASRock board's memory compatibility list. As you seem to be more of a PC user than a builder that likes to play with the hardware, I would hate to see all that expensive memory being shipped back and forth while you wait to get the PC running. Check the memory compatibility list of the X99 Extreme 6, which has more choices than the Extreme 4, and see if you can find something known to work with the boards.

    The be quiet power supply, at 850W and semi-modular, is very expensive. Other PSUs with identical power, efficiency, fully modular, and of higher quality can be had for less money.

    The SeaSonic Platinum SS-860XP2 860W is $60 less, and will likely be more quiet than the be quiet model.

    EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 P2 80 PLUS PLATINUM, at 1000W and $30 less than the be quiet is another candidate.

    Actually, you could easily use a 750W PSU and have plenty of power to spare.

    The Corsair 300R case is rather small, perhaps by choice on your part, but will be a bit tight on space inside.

    Good price on the 850 Pro SSDs, which are great.

    Windows 8.1 Pro is needed rather than the standard version, because?

    A dual processor board is another step into unique territory, if you own one and have issues, you are almost on your own regarding help from other owners.

    If you want a more robust, long lasting board, look at the X99 WS: ASRock > X99 WS

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