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Thread: RAID wont work

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    Default RAID wont work

    When I set storage setting in UEFI to raid and then enter <ctrl-I> to get into the raid settings. It asks the standard questions except it doesn't allow me to select my second SSD to make a Raid0.
    It does not even recognize a 2nd disk. It can see my 2 HDD (WD 3TB) I want to create a RAID0 and RAID1.
    Raid0 for my system disk (512GB SSD and 240GB SSD)
    Raid1 for my 2 3TB WD HDD
    Right now my #1 concern is creating the RAID0 using the 2 SSD's combined as 1.
    I have done the flash on MB and also upgraded to the newest level of utilities/BIOS available for the MB.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: RAID wont work

    Your board has two SATA controllers, the main Intel and the add on ASMedia SATA chipset. The two are not compatible and cannot work together in RAID. Any drives on the ASMedia ports will not be seen by the Intel RAID configuration utility.

    The four ports at the top of the stack of SATA ports are the ASMedia SATA ports. Check if your second SSD is connected to an ASMedia SATA port.

    I've also seen that some SSDs need a restart or two of the board before they are recognized. Can you see both SSDs in the Storage Configuration screen in the UEFI? You can also see which SATA ports the drives are connected to in that screen.

    Otherwise, two things about your intended RAID 0 array. Since the SSDs have different capacities (240GB and 512GB), the total size of the array will only be twice that of the 240GB SSD, or 480GB. Next, using two different drives in any RAID array can cause issues, if you have any that may be the cause.

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