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Thread: Ibuypower NA020 machine w H81M-HDS -LGA1150 motherboard, machine wont boot up

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    Default Ibuypower NA020 machine w H81M-HDS -LGA1150 motherboard, machine wont boot up

    Son turned off machine last week, went to turn on and nothing. it just spins for a second then turns off, wait 3-4 seconds and then it starts again, same thing over and over and over until I kill the power at the PS. Thought it was the power supply so I got a new on, exact same model/part number and installed it this evening. Same thing, no boot, just spin - die, spin - die over and over again. Checked everything, unplugged HD - nothing, unplugged graphics card - nothing, same with CDR all the USB even the 12v plug. Each time I turned it on, nothing but the spin - die thing. Could it be the mother board?


    Motherboard - H81M-HDS-LGA1150
    RAM - GSkill 8GB-240
    Graphics Card - MSI N730-2GD3
    HD - ITB ATA-111
    Processer - Intel i5-4460
    PS - Aped Allied ATX-350W
    DVD - LG24x SATA

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    Default Re: Ibuypower NA020 machine w H81M-HDS -LGA1150 motherboard, machine wont boot up

    Might be the board, but hard to tell.

    This may sound ridiculous, but does the PC case have a reset switch? Usually near the power button. Turn on the PC and while it is going through its start - stop sequence, press the reset switch. No need to hold it down, just press it until it stops and then release it. If the start - stop sequence continues, press reset again, it won't hurt anything.

    With the PC off/shutdown, but the PS on and a cable connected to the network input, do you see the LEDs next to the network input lighting up at all?

    Are you certain you connected all the cables from the PSU to the board, both the 24 pin and 4 pin CPU power cable?

    No idea what your PC hardware skills are, you must have some to replace the PS. You could try clearing the CMOS/BIOS with the jumper on the board. I could not find it in the picture of your board, but it's there somewhere, the manual would show its location. You'll need to restore the default BIOS values after clearing it.

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