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Thread: ASRock P45TS won't accept DDR3 RAM

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    Question ASRock P45TS won't accept DDR3 RAM


    When trying to boot with DDR3 RAM I get 3 beeps, pause, 3 beeps again and the PC just shuts down, similar to this thread: Asrock P45TS motherboard not accepting new RAM. [Solved] - RAM - Memory

    I've tried with 2 different sets of RAM with the same outcome. I also tried both sets on a different machine and they work just fine.

    I've also tried 1 stick at a time, resetting CMOS, taking out the motherboard's battery and different FSB speed jumper settings. The RAM sticks are seated properly. Nothing works, I can only get it to boot with DDR2 RAM.

    Motherboard: ASRock > P45TS

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200

    RAM, 2 different sets I've tried, both 2x4GB:

    All drivers and BIOS are up to date.

    This motherboard should accept 2x4GB DDR3 RAM, any ideas? The guy on the first link said his problem was that the RAM was single-sided. But I've tried both, single and double-sided with no difference.


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    Default Re: ASRock P45TS won't accept DDR3 RAM

    Memory compatibility is not simple, even if the specs of the memory controller and DRAM memory are available. Without the specs and no recommendations from the manufacture, it's just pure luck.

    Given the complexity of this, the lack of some information, and the fact that specs may be updated, I can offer this only as a potential explanation regarding why the memory you are trying does not work. The FSB setting on your board for the CPU must also match the memory speed, as described in your board's manual. Your Q8200 has a FSB spec of 1333, which is also the maximum FSB supported by the P45 chipset:

    ARK | Intel® P45 Express Chipset (Intel® 82P45 Memory Controller Hub)

    The memory controller in your system is in the P45 chipset. These are the compatible memory specs for the P45, and while all are important, the most important are in bold:

    System Memory Interface Details

    • Directly supports one or two channels of DDR2 or DDR3 memory with a maximum of two DIMMs per channel.

    • Supports single and dual channel memory organization modes.

    • Supports a data burst length of eight for all memory organization modes.

    • Supported memory data transfer rates:
    — 667 MHz and 800 MHz for DDR2
    — 800 MHz and 1066 MHz for DDR3.

    • I/O Voltage of 1.8 V for DDR2 and 1.5 V for DDR3.

    • Supports both un-buffered non-ECC DDR2 or non-ECC DDR3 DIMMs.

    • Supports maximum memory bandwidth of 6.4 GB/s in single-channel mode or 12.8 GB/s in dual-channel mode assuming DDR2 800 MHz.

    • Supports 512-Mb, 1-Gb, 2-Gb DDR2 and 512-Mb, 1-Gb DDR3 DRAM technologies for x8 and x16 devices.

    • Using 512 Mb device technologies, the smallest memory capacity possible is 256 MB, assuming Single Channel Mode with a single x16 single sided un-buffered non-ECC DIMM memory configuration.

    • Using 2 Gb device technologies, the largest memory capacity possible is 16 GB, assuming Dual Channel Mode with four x8 double sided un-buffered non-ECC or ECC DIMM memory configurations.

    NOTE: The ability to support greater than the largest memory capacity is subject to availability of higher density memory devices

    Link to P45 datasheet: Intel® 4 Series Chipset Family Datasheet

    Those specs in bold are for the memory chips used in a DDR3 DIMM.

    The Kingston memory specs from your link is:

    ValueRAM's KVR1333D3N9K2/8G is a kit of two 512M x 64-bit
    (4GB) DDR3-1333 CL9 SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM), 2Rx8
    memory modules, based on sixteen 256M x 8-bit DDR3-1333
    FBGA components per module
    . Total kit capacity is 8GB. The
    SPD's are programmed to JEDEC standard latency DDR3-1333
    timing of 9-9-9 at 1.5V.

    That does not match the 512-Mb, 1-Gb DDR3 DRAM technologies for x8 and x16 devices, of the memory controller.

    The Patriot memory description does not have any detail on the memory chips, but does contain this:

    Compatible with Intel® 6 Series or later and AMD 9 Series/FM Series or later.

    "6 series" refers to the Intel chipset in the mother board, such as a P67 or Z68. Your board has an Intel 4 series chipset, the P45, which came before the 6 series. It's odd IMO that Patriot is listing the chipset as compatible, since the corresponding Intel processors (Sandy Bridge) have the memory controller in the CPU itself, not in the chipset.

    The single or double sided configuration of the memory chips, while ignoring the other specifications, is not enough to cause a model of memory to be compatible. The P45's memory controller specs mention both single and double sided DIMM configurations that are compatible. Your board's memory support list includes both single and double sided models:

    My suggestions would be, make sure the FSB jumper on the board matches your processor, and check the manual for corresponding settings when different speed memory is used. Don't forget that the default speed of most memory is less than the advertised speed, so it may run at 1066 or 1333 by default. This is just as important as the memory specs, if not more so. I would be sure the FSB settings are correct, and then try the memory you have again, you may get lucky.

    Check the memory QVL list, and if you can find the detailed spec for any of the DDR3 models in the list, use that as a basis for checking other memory for compatibility.

    Check what memory the manufactures recommend for your system, CPU and chipset in this case. Let them do the work for you, and support you if they are wrong.

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