Hi Team,

3x ASRock Rack C2750D4I Intel Avoton C2750 2.4GHz/ DDR3/ SATA3/ V&2GbE/ Mini-ITX Motherboard & CPU Combo with 12x DDR3 1600 non-ECC 8GB Kingston KVR16N11H/8 D5128JEYBPGGBU Kingston supported RAM for my lab. I was able to boot and configure 2 hosts, but I cannot get one remaining host to boot. I have verified that RAM is properly seated, I have tried booting with single RAM in Blue A1, also with 2 RAM chips on Blue, with all 4 RAM chips, I have borrowed verified and working RAM chips from other two hosts, I have removed CMOS battery and ATX cable, I have FAN connected and spinning and still nothing. I do see two green lights, the one next to the DIMM slots is blinking and the one next to the PCIe slot is steady green. This is all same for all three motherboards except first two are working normally.

As of this point I have exhausted all my options and I would ask you for help? Please let me know if I have missed anything?

Thanks in advance!