A week ago i bougth some piece to get a new computer, the setup of this PC is:

Processor: AMD APU A4400
HDD: Seagate 160 GB
MB: Asrock FM2A58M-VG3+
RAM: 2X2GB DDR3 CTlife 1333MHz
Power Source: 550W Generic

In the beginning i was having trouble to the disc beign recognized by the UEFI (first time i build a UEFI computer) after some tests and changes in the config, the disk got recognized and i installed win7 Professional 64 Bits.

The problem im now having is when i open the resmon (resource monitor) are 2236MB "Hardware reserved" in my UEFI i put the onboard graphic to share only 128MB of memory but the problem still there.

I tried accessing msconf, and the max memory isnt select, and y try selecting it and put 4096 (all the ram) and 4095, the issue still the same, also i ran a memtest86+ using the windows boot option, everything went good, the BIOS recognizes both card, and i tried swapping the places 2 or 3 times, with no results.

My BIOS are updated, i tried to update via the UEFI (using the instant flash option) and using Asrock APP Shop, both says it is updated, in the internet i found this can be solved enabling the "Memory remapping" option in the UEFI menu, but i cant find this option on my UEFI.

I tried to resturn the UEFI to default using the option in the menu, using the jumper and using the CMOS battery, the problem still there, so i dont know what to do now, im pretty sure this is not a hardware issue, because both of the sticks works well in other computer, and it appear to be recognized both by bios and by windows, but doesnt let me use it.

Do u have any suggetions? Thanks!!