What slot version does this motherboard truly have? Does BIOS 2.20 update PCIE slot for backwards compatibility with PCIE 2.1 cards? I could not find any notes on the BIOS updates if someone could link me to them or post here that would be great. Reason for this is because I want to put a new video card on the system, I know its old but wanted to get the best that the system would handle. I have done some research and know for sure 3.0 cards will not work. I have also read about numerous issues with 2.1 cards in different motherboards, and people bypassing it by updating the BIOS.

My BIOS is at 2.20 which is dated to 9/29/2009. I know on the official site it gives list of compatible cards but the ones it says are ones available in 2008. I know people have gotten other newer cards working. Searching around this forum I saw someone mention GTX 550 TI working for one person and for another not working even if they disable some settings in BIOS.

Will a low profile2014 Geforce GT 730 DDR5 PCIE work? Or has anyone tested for sure the AMD 6000 series cards, they tend to be 2.1, such as 6870 would that work in this motherboard? Would I need to disable certain things in BIOS?