Hi everyone,

I need help with my Asrock 970 extreme 3 motherboard.

The problem started a few days ago when the PC would freeze after a cold start, and force restarting the PC would fix the freezing issue, only until the PC is cold started the next day, or even after a few hours. I had reinstalled a new clean copy of Windows 7 64 Bit a few months back, and all drivers and software updates were installed, including the service pack 1. So I went straight for a BIOS update, since that is something I have never done on this motherboard since I purchased it.

Hence I downloaded the instant flash version of the BIOS version 1.60 from the Asrock site, formatted my pen drive to Fat32 and put the file in it, and selected the file for update via the UEFI interface.

At this stage, after a few minutes of the installation and the initial progress bars, the UEFI screen froze.

After about 15 minutes, I tried Ctrl+Alt+Del, but the keyboard and mouse were non responsive. Then I force restarted the PC and after this, there was no signal to the monitor, no lights on the keyboard/mouse, no light on the pen drive.

The CPU fan and the chassis fan work, PC power led works fine, but no USB devices are detected, either on the rear panel or the front panel. Point to mention here is that my mobile phone shows charging with the data cable connected, so there is power supply but for some reason the USB devices are not detected.

The optical SPDIF out used to have a red light before, but now its gone.

Since this, I have tried the following:

Formatted the pen drive again (this time with quick format off) as a Fat32 partition. Downloaded the instant flash BIOS file version 1.0, extracted the file and placed it to the root of the pen drive. Then I tried to reinstall the BIOS as following:

1. Disconnected the power and VGA cables, HDD.
2. Pressed down the power button to drain power for 10 seconds.
3. Set the jumper to Clear CMOS for 5+ seconds.
4. Reset the jumper, reconnected all cables and HDD, plugged it the flash drive and started the PC, no go.

Then, I also tried this:
1. Disconnect power and all device connections, HDD and removed the GPU completely.
2. Press and hold down the power button for more than 30 seconds.
3. Remove the CMOS battery and set the jumper to ClrCMOS and left it for about 2+ hours.
4. Reset the jumper, plugged in flash drive, only CPU and one RAM chip connected, only power cable connected, and then tried to start the PC, no go.

I also tried formatting the pen drive to a bootable MS-DOS drive with the DOS version of the BIOS v1.0, but the drive still does not detect and the screen stays blank. The HDD was disconnected during this.

The motherboard does not have IDE or Floppy drive sockets hence I have not tried using a floppy drive. My DVD drive is IDE and since I assembled and installed this PC completely via USB, I did not purchase a sata DVD drive. The rest of the system information is as below:

Asrock 970 Extreme 3 R2.0 motherboard
AMD FX4100 Black Edition with stock heatsink
2 x 4GB Corsairs Value Select DDR3 @1600 MHz memory
Asus HD7770-2GD5 Graphics Card
2 x Seagate Barracuda 500GB hard disks
Intex 500W PSU
Lloyd 32" LCD TV (Connected via an HDMI-DVI cable)
Razer Abyssus mouse and Cyclosa keyboard
Creative SBS A300 2.1 channel speakers

Any help will be appreciated.