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Thread: Any reason to install Intel SmartConnect?

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    Default Any reason to install Intel SmartConnect?

    I do not have a RAID setup, and I do not care about updating social media, etc. when the computer is asleep, so I was wondering if there is any other reason to install SmartConnect? Does it improve performance or security in any way?

    At present, I have not installed the SmartConnect driver or utility; and everything seems to run fine without it, although Windows Update gives me an error message when it fails to install an "important" SmartConnect driver update. So far, I have simply ignored these error messages; but I am wondering if there is perhaps a security reason to activate SmartConnect and install the driver, which Windows seems to think is important?

    I suspect that it is only important to update the driver if you are using SmartConnect; but I thought I should ask, especially since the error messages are rather annoying.

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    Default Re: Any reason to install Intel SmartConnect?

    Intel Smart Connect and Intel Smart Response technology, the latter which uses RAID to create a SSD and HDD composite caching storage device, are two different things.

    Smart Connect is not directly related to performance or security, but in a sense could be considered to enhance or perform certain aspects of those things, depending on what one's definition of performance and security is.

    If you must wait a long time for emails to download when you open your email program, which could be considered a performance issue, then Smart Connect could improve that.

    If uploading documents or other work, or back ups to the cloud or other non-local storage before your PC is stolen or breaks down, that could be considered a security improvement.

    The Smart Connect driver you mentioned is part of the overall Smart Connect Utility software, which are two separate things. If you don't have the Smart Connect Utility software installed, the Smart Connect driver is worthless.

    The labels like "important" used by Windows are relative to what each of us consider to be important. If it is an "error" to not install something, that again is relative to what is attempting to be installed. If I use Firefox, are Internet Explorer updates important to me, and an error if I don't install them?

    "Important" and "error" are terms included in the program that deals with these updates, and are the standard messages displayed regardless of how important or how much of an error occurred.

    If you don't use the Smart Connect feature, you don't need its driver or updates.

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