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Thread: Z87 vs. Z97

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    Default Z87 vs. Z97

    I know this is probably considered only tangentially a tech support question, so please feel free to delete this thread if it doesn't belong.

    That being said, I'm having real trouble deciding between purchasing an Asrock Z87 or Z97 board, due to the newness of the Z97s. The new boards are getting wonderful reviews, but most reviewers have owned them less than a month. My question is, do any of the new models (specifically, Pro4, Extreme3/4 or Fatal1ty series) have any major issues I should be aware of, or would it be better to stick to the Z87 models for now?

    Thank you in advance, and again, apologies if this topic doesn't belong here.
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    Default Re: Z87 vs. Z97

    Mobos with the Z97 (and H97) chip set are already available since April or May 2014, and by now there are no known issues with this chip set. You can consider the Z97 as a new stepping (=improved version) of the Z87, the differences between them are very small.
    Some years ago, when the series 6 chip set (P67, H67 etc.) came out, just 4 weeks later a big issue was found. The sata 2 ports of this chip set decreased in performance rapidly due to a design error. Intel replaced ALL mobos already sold.
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    Default Re: Z87 vs. Z97

    If it helps any I just went Z97 on 2 upgrades and I'm very happy with them.

    I was coming from P67 and going Z77 then decided to up to Z97 on the last 2, apart from the CPU cost (which you will not suffer) I have 0 complaints about Z97-Extreme4.

    For me once I go LGA 1150 why not Z97?

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    Default Re: Z87 vs. Z97

    The OP seems to be asking about specific models of boards and potential problems, not problems with the chipset itself.

    As said above, Z87 and Z97 boards use the same processors, so if there were problems with the Z87 platform, it would be fixed in Z97.

    One difference between the two chipsets is only Z97 boards will be compatible with Broadwell processors, which we should see some time this year (delayed recently.)

    If a board has problems, they are normally caused by a specific flaw farther down the hardware chain than the chipset. Or the problem is caused by a design flaw solely caused by the board manufacture. Those normally are obvious a few months after launch. Read reviews at Newegg... ONLY to look for trends of specific problems that may reveal true flaws in a board. I must be careful with that statement...

    How often do we see mother board reviews that reveal major flaws in the product? We don't, because either poor products are not reviewed, or reviews of poor products are withheld by the request of the manufacture. How is a reviewer to know if a product is flawed by using only one or two examples? As usual, the situation is more complex than it appears to be.

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