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Thread: ASRock X99 (2011-3) BIOS updates ?

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    Default ASRock X99 (2011-3) BIOS updates ?

    I just wanted to ask if anyone knows if there will be released any new BIOS for the X99 motherboards?
    I have the X99 WS, and im still on v1.6, and this has been around pretty much since launch of 2011-3.

    The BIOS is not very good, and overclocking is a nightmare. Also I wonder why ASRock has to use their own names on all the settings/voltages in the BIOS. It just makes everything more confusing.
    I miss manual RAM OC as well. The RAM Tweaker dosnt even work, what is that thing about anyway? Why not have regular manual OC?
    The OC Formula boards are better, but should it really be heaven&earth between the OC Formula and the rest of the lineup by ASRock?

    Im sorry to say that both the X99 WS and the Extreme4 (I've had both) are vastly inferior to Asus X99 lineup. I was hoping a BIOS update would fix a lot of this, but BIOS updates seem to be very rare on these boards.

    Kind regards,
    not-so-happy ASRock owner.

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    Default Re: ASRock X99 (2011-3) BIOS updates ?

    1.7 was released for your board last week. As was 1.8 for the OC Formula. So the fact that the BIOS version number for A is lower than the version number for B doesn't necessarily mean that it's an older release. Back in October the WS was 2 'points' ahead of the OC Formula (1.6 vs. 1.4) for the same (EZ OC, compat, TBolt) content. It looks like the OC Formula got an extra language-dependent release in February, and they pushed the NVMe stuff at the same time.

    WRT RAM overclocking: why bother? This hardware has so much RAM bandwidth that, unless you're running LN cooled at 5 GHz or something, overclocking the RAM has no real impact.

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