A recently completed build for a customer using his supplied Windows 8.1 created a very fast and stable computer with one issue driving a number of us a little crazy. Though sleep modes generally work fine (computer can be put to sleep or will sleep after specified periods of non use) my customer complains that after several hours of non use (e.g. the following morning), the computer does not revive at all by mouse or keyboard control (both USB) and he must hold the lit (not blinking, now) power key for 5 or 6 seconds to restart. (the power key blinks when system is in sleep mode)

Most of the 1.7 bios settings have been left on default (at least where generally appropriate). The system drive is actually a RAID one of two SAMSUNG 850 pros connected to an Intel RS3UC080 PCI-E(3) controller (used in a previous system). Also connected in a RAID-1 on this controller are two Seagate Constellation 10K drives for data.

If anyone has any insight into why sleep modes die after sitting idle for more than two hours, please help.
Doug A (bedfoto)