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Thread: Z77 Extreme6 - SATA3_A2 works but eSATA3 does not

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    Angry Z77 Extreme6 - SATA3_A2 works but eSATA3 does not

    I have an Orico 6518 Docking bay that has both a USB 3.0 and an eSATA socket, and I wanted to put my eSATA port to use on the back of my Z77 Extreme6 board.

    Unfortunately, my UEFI didn't detect the presence of an eSATA device; unless I'm looking in the wrong place; because I looked in the Advanced screen, under Storage Configuration, and for SATA_A2, it displayed Not detected.

    However, after unplugging my eSATA cord, I moved the hard drive, plugged into SATA_A1, to the SATA_A2 socket, and my UEFI detected it.

    Two years ago, I had to replace this board because my UEFI couldn't detect any device in SATA_A2, and since it is linked to eSATA, it couldn't detect anything plugged into the eSATA socket. But now that this replacement board detects a device in SATA_A2, could it be that I am simply looking in the wrong place, or could it be that my eSATA socket alone might be damaged, if not my device?

    UPDATE: My Orico docking bay is a lemon! I bought this thing nearly 2 years ago, and it was working. I don't remember when I last used it, but it was definitely months before I rebuilt my machine with a new chassis. That was last spring.

    I checked the graphic System Browser in my UEFI, and it displayed nothing plugged into the eSATA port. So, I used the USB 3.0 plug for this docking bay, and checked the System Browser again. My UEFI had no problem recognizing the presence of my NexStar USB 3.0 enclosure in one external USB 3.0 socket; but the Orico docking bay plugged into the USB 3.0 socket next to it, did not display as present.

    I've got a busted docking bay. Even if the hard drive plugged into it were dead, the presence of a USB device still should have been picked up by my motherboard. It wasn't. I can only conclude that my docking bay flamed out after my last use, or in the months between my last use and now.
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    Default Re: Z77 Extreme6 - SATA3_A2 works but eSATA3 does not

    You've already answered by yourself. You have to check your docking bay first on another machine.

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