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Thread: AM1H-ITX Cmos Battery where to buy ?

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    Default Re: AM1H-ITX Cmos Battery where to buy ?

    Personally, I would try to reuse the original battery holder that we can see so perfectly in Prof Jim's picture. I would do that for two reasons:

    The two pin connector for the battery on the board is perfectly matched to the connector on the wires from the battery holder. Trying to find a connector like that would be harder than finding just the battery holder.

    It looks like the battery holder has a metal clip on it that attaches to the VGA and DVI combination connector on the board's IO panel. Preserving this entire part would be the best thing to do if possible.

    I would remove the battery holder by its metal clip and unplug it from the board. You may be able to figure out how it works once you remove it from the board without removing the heat shrink covering. If not, using a single edge razor blade, carefully cut the heat shrink tubing just enough to remove it. Then you can determine how the battery is actually held in place, and how the battery holder actually works.

    Or you could try contacting this seller that seems to have many CMOS RTC batteries to check what they have with a CR2032 battery. This link is to one of their products, but scroll down to find their Contact Us link:

    NEW OEM Bios RTC Backup Cmos Battery FOR IBM Thinkpad T40 T41 T42 T43 | eBay
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    Default Re: AM1H-ITX Cmos Battery where to buy ?

    Quote Originally Posted by profJim View Post
    Is this your battery?

    Check out the 1-24 of 556 results from Amazon (USA) where I searched using : cr2032 battery holder in Electronics cr2032 battery holder: Electronics

    Do you have a friend who has basic electronics knowledge and knows how to use a soldering iron?

    Something like this would be much less expensive option: CR2032 Lithium Battery with Solder Tabs: Electronics

    Naturally you will need to search cr2032 battery holder: Electronics & Photo or other European sources.

    Let us know how you make out.
    Sorry for such a slow reply yes the one on the bord is the one and i have to reset date time daily so will look at taking it apart if i cant find one to order in the UK

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