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Thread: Z97 Ann DVD drive issues

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    Question Z97 Ann DVD drive issues

    Hi, I'm doing a new build with ASRock Z97 Anniversary & a core i5 4690-K.
    RAM is brand new Kingston HyperX Fury Red 1866.
    Haven't installed the new video card yet so going off onboard video.

    My SATA DVD drive isn't recognized in the BIOS most of the time.
    I'll power down, plug it into a different SATA port, restart, and it will (sometimes) show up in BIOS. But, exit and let Windows boot and it'll be gone again.
    Reboot into BIOS, missing.

    I tried a different cable with no change. Tried various discs as well.

    I have no such trouble with my SATA SSD, it is recognized every single time.

    Having restarted the system over 20 times the last couple of days, I have been able to actually get anything off a DVD onto the screen once or twice.

    What gives ?

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    Default Re: Z97 Ann DVD drive issues

    Have ever tried with another drive?
    Some drives get detected a bit late and system doesn't wait for it.

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    Default Re: Z97 Ann DVD drive issues

    You don't mention the brand / model of the SATA DVD.

    • Is its firmware current?
    • Which of the onboard SATA headers are you using - its preferable to use those controlled by the Intel chipset. Those are SATA3_0 through 5 on my Z97 Extreme4.
    • My manual also warns that SATA3_4 and 5 are shared with SATA Express and to use SAT3_0 for bootable devices.

    I would suggest your trying SATA3_0 for the SSD and either _3 or _1 for the DVD that's assuming the headers are in the same order on your MB.

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