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Thread: Asrock OC Formula z97 booting issues.

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    Default Asrock OC Formula z97 booting issues.

    I got my board back from asrock today and carefully put it together and well after 20 seconds into loading windows it crashes out the only number I can catch is F4. To top it off no matter which windows boot disc, working OS drive or USB jump drive they all crash out the same.

    So did I bend a pin or is the CPU fried enough to look likes its working?

    Along with the guy who took removable doors from laptops the guy that thought easily bent pins that are nearly imposable to fix are prefect for mobos/cpus need to have the doors removed from his car and bent pins stuck in his tushy!.......mA WA HAHAHAAH *cough cough cough*

    Really do the IX cpu's have so many connections that pins are needed that badly? I mean its nothing but a headache if you mess it up.....

    I am getting a 40$ gigabyte mobo to trouble shoot the cpu more but it was working when I had an intel machine around to trouble shoot with...

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    Default Re: Asrock OC Formula z97 booting issues.

    You got your board back from ASRock because... why did you send it in?

    Why would you think the CPU is fried?

    Have you cleared the CMOS/BIOS since you got the board back?

    Bent CPU pins is a lottery. If a bent pin is one of the multiple ground pins for VCore voltage, you might never know it is bent. If the bent pin is a critical signaling pin, you're in trouble.

    If you remove all drives from the PC, or just pull their power connections, you can still get into the BIOS. The CPU executes the BIOS program, so fool around in the BIOS and then walk away for an hour. If it is still running fine when you return, the CPU isn't damaged.

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