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Thread: ASRock 990fx Extreme 9 + FX9590

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    Default ASRock 990fx Extreme 9 + FX9590

    I was wondering if I could get some assistance with my rig as it is not playing ball right now.

    My System:
    ASRock 990FX Extreme 9 on 1.70 BIOS
    AMD FX-9590 CPU
    Corsair 100i Water Cooler
    AMD R9 2400 DDR3 8gig 2x4gig
    Corsair GS800 PSU
    AMD R9 280X Powercolor Graphics Card
    120GB Agility4 SSD
    4 x 2TB WD Green drives for storage.
    Corsair 330R Case

    My Issue:
    Running on the default BIOS settings chugging at 4.7GHZ the PC is steady as a rock,
    But this is a 9590 so I want 5GHZ, so I applied the settings ASRock recommend for this board

    AMD Turbo Core Technology: Disabled
    CPU Multiplier x25.0 5000MHZ
    CPU Voltage 1.4v
    NB Freq Multiplier x11 2200MHZ
    CPU NB Voltage 1.125v

    And yes it goes to 5GHZ but load Prime95 and hit start and it instantly locks up.

    I have turned of CL1, CL6, Cool'N Quite same happens,

    ASRock recommend a 1000w PSU for their demo rig, could this be my downfall or is there something I am perhaps overlooking?

    I am a bit of a noob when it comes to fine tuning and any advice would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: ASRock 990fx Extreme 9 + FX9590


    Maybe you are still in need of advice. Well, I have to tell you, it is not that easy to have all 8 cores at 5 GHz permanently. I don't know who at ASRock gave you this recommendation, but just 1.4V for the CPU at 5 GHz is far too low and it seems that you have misunderstood something about that 5 GHz.

    The CPU has a 4.7 GHz base clock and a 5.0 GHz turbo clock. That means it basically runs at 4.7 GHz, while 5.0 GHz is exceptional if certain conditions apply at that moment: temperature, power need, threads and correct BIOS settings.

    While in turbo mode with generally just 1 core (a single thread), this core needs a lot more power so it peaks at over 1.5V, while the other cores stay at their default voltages.

    At stock settings this CPU already is in need of a decent air cooler and a very good voltage regulation module (VRM) on the motherboard. Raising voltages is difficult to keep it cool enough and stable.

    There are several forums that discuss the matter 8 cores @ 5 GHz. And it is not that simple, by just raising the CPU voltage. You have to tweak a whole bunch of settings to get it in that direction.

    For a start, to activate Turbo correctly, you have to enable C6 option in the BIOS. Without it, it does not work:
    ASRock > Fatal1ty 970 Performance FAQ

    Then the CPU has a 5 GHz "spike" at certain conditions. Maybe not what you wanted to achive, but maybe a small goodie for the moment, to know that it runs as it should! :)

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