Hi - I've installed a new EPC612D4U-2TR8. When I first plugged in the board, IPMI was accessible (dhcp). Since I wanted to upgrade my NAS/server onto this hardware, the system is meant to run the dhcp server. So I assigned the IPMI a fixed IP and migrated my server onto the system. Now the system is working, but the IPMI webinterface is no longer accessible.

IPMI as such is working and can be accessed via ipmitool. It has also stored the correct LAN configuration:

# ipmitool lan print 1
Set in Progress         : Set Complete
Auth Type Support       : MD2 MD5 PASSWORD OEM 
Auth Type Enable        : Callback : MD2 MD5 PASSWORD OEM 
                        : User     : MD2 MD5 PASSWORD OEM 
                        : Operator : MD2 MD5 PASSWORD OEM 
                        : Admin    : MD2 MD5 PASSWORD OEM 
                        : OEM      : MD2 MD5 PASSWORD OEM 
IP Address Source       : Static Address
IP Address              :
Subnet Mask             :
MAC Address             : bc:5f:f4:ff:20:8a
SNMP Community String   : AMI
IP Header               : TTL=0x40 Flags=0x40 Precedence=0x00 TOS=0x10
BMC ARP Control         : ARP Responses Enabled, Gratuitous ARP Disabled
Gratituous ARP Intrvl   : 0.0 seconds
Default Gateway IP      :
Default Gateway MAC     : 00:00:00:00:00:00
Backup Gateway IP       :
Backup Gateway MAC      : 00:00:00:00:00:00
802.1q VLAN ID          : Disabled
802.1q VLAN Priority    : 0
RMCP+ Cipher Suites     : 0,1,2,3,6,7,8,11,12,15,16,17
Cipher Suite Priv Max   : caaaXXaaaXXaaXX
                        :     X=Cipher Suite Unused
                        :     c=CALLBACK
                        :     u=USER
                        :     o=OPERATOR
                        :     a=ADMIN
                        :     O=OEM
But pointing my browser to I only get "unable to connect".

Any hint would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Chris