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Thread: Should I update bios ? Z97 extreme 6

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    Default Should I update bios ? Z97 extreme 6

    I'm getting ready to build a gaming PC with z97 extreme 6 , i7 4790k , Gtx 970 , 2*4 G.skill ram , 2 ssd's , 1 hard drive , optical drive and windows 8.1 . I noticed the sticker on the mobo indicates it's loaded with bios version p1.7 . My question is should I update the bios to the newest version before I install the OS ? And what kinda bios settings should I adjust ? . Thank you .

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    Default Re: Should I update bios ? Z97 extreme 6

    I would for sure ensure the BIOS is latest if:

    -The listing of fixed items has any impact on your system or if you just want to have the latest
    -As for what do you adjust, we don't know your expertise, please read the manual and post specific questions.

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    Default Re: Should I update bios ? Z97 extreme 6

    In my experience it's just best not to mess with updating the mobo's BIOS unless you are having some type of issue or problem. If it ain't broke don't fix really holds true here. Often people just have to have the latest BIOS, and end up with a slew of new problems after updating that they didn't have before, or worse, bricking your board during the process. I'd leave it alone.

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    Default Re: Should I update bios ? Z97 extreme 6

    I think it's 50/50 some people on here will say set the system up run it a while make sure things are working ok, no hardware problems, personally I flash when ever new bios files are released but it's personal preference, never had a problem.
    I've just built a new z97 system, as soon as it was setup on bench I flashed the latest bios.
    How to update bios:
    ASRock - BIOS Upgrade Instruction
    I always use Instant flash method

    bios files:
    ASRock > Z97 Extreme6

    1.Update microcode, ME and VBIOS.
    2.Add NVME support

    Update 5th Generation Intel Core Processors microcode.

    Update EZ OC Table

    So what you got to ask yourself is, do you feel lucky!
    If you do flash read the how to first, and all should be just fine
    Asus Maximus 7 Hero > Corsair Obsidian 750d Airflow > Intel 4790K > Noctua NH-D15 > 16GB G-skill Sniper 2133 > Samsung SM951 256GB > Sandisk X400 512GB > Western digital black Sata 6 500GB > Western digital black 640GB > Windows 10 Pro 64 > Asus 27" MX279H Monitor > Gibabyte GTX 980Ti extreme

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    Default Re: Should I update bios ? Z97 extreme 6

    I keep mine up to Date on all system's here never had a bad flash!
    Usually fixes some stability issues when overclocking..

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    Default Re: Should I update bios ? Z97 extreme 6

    Dear Refugee47,

    Regarding of Z97 Extreme6 motherboard, this board have two BIOS ROM can switch.
    we suggest to refer user manual page 30 to back up the BIOS.
    Then download and update latest BIOS from our website for try.

    If any question, please feel free to contact us.

    ASRock TSD

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