I have an Asrock Extreme4 and a while back I made a BIOS update, after that I have sporadic mouse problems.
What happens is that when I scroll the mouse some times a step gets lost, I can see the problem best when doing single steps, sooner or later a step gets lost but if another input is made by me(either moving the mouse or doing another scroll step) the step that was lost is conducted.
It is no mouse problem as I have this with 2 different mice and as I said it showed up after the BIOS upgrade to 2.90.I had the hope that reinstalling the system would help but the problem shows up even on this new clean system.

I'm worried that the improvements in the BIOS are the problem, for 2.5 there is "Improve USB compatibility." and for 2.4 "Improve USB keyboard and mouse compatibility." listed and I wonder if these are the source for this behavior.

Any clue what I could try to resolve this?
Anything within the system or in the BIOS I could change to see it this helps?