I very new with BMC and IMPI and just run in a problem.
Mainboard is J1900D2Y and all was ok. I had two server mgmt ports. LAN1 (with a secound MAC) and the IMPI_LAN1 port.
Then I restored factory defaults on the IMPI web page.
After that I can't reach the IMPI_LAN1 port. LAN1 works as IMPI but I can't activate IPv6 on it.
As server NICs LAN1 and LAN2 get IPv6 in the same network.
In the BIOS the BMC network configuration shows only LAN channel 1 (the secound MAC of LAN1) LAN channel 2 is not shown. Only on the BMC Mac Backup Tool page I see both IMPI MACs.

Is it possible to solve this problem?