I need help with Debug Code 05.

When shutting down my PC, the power remains on (fans spin, power LED on) and Code 05 is shown. There is no HDD activity (they spin down) and the GPU ceases to output any signal. I have to manually hold in the power button to get the system to completely shut down.

How it arose:
This began after some HDD configuration changes. I replaced my single 1TB WD Black HDD with four Toshiba PH3200U-1I72 (2TB) drives configured in RAID-10, but moved the WD HDD to the ASMedia controller so I could still boot from it. (I was unable to boot from it while it was connected to an Intel SATA port after changing its mode from AHCI to RAID.

Steps performed:
Change 1TB WD HDD and DVD-RW from Intel SATA ports to ASMedia SATA ports.
Connect the four Toshiba drives to the Intel SATA ports.
Power-up and enter UEFI.
Change Intel SATA controller mode from AHCI to RAID.
Activate the ASMedia SATA controller.
Set ASMedia Controller mode to AHCI.
Save and Exit:
Press Ctrl+I to enter RAID ROM.
Create the RAID-10 Array.
Exit Intel RAID ROM.
Enter UEFI.
Set HDD boot priority to ASMedia 1TB WD HDD.
Save and Exit.
Boot into Windows 7.
Shut down Windows 7 and I encounter this issue and can see the code.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.